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Our Corporate Team

Naila Yajjou

Education Specialist

  •  Specialist in interactive and Student-centered and student-driven teaching methods

  • Extensive experience in language education for non-native speakers in Secondary Education in the Netherlands

  • Extensive experience in coaching and mentoring programs for refugee youth in the Netherlands in Primary and Secondary Education 

  • Cultural sensitivity, focused on Third Culture Kids

Hani Shehada

Communication Strategist 

  • Strong advocate for promoting education and empowering marginalized youth in conflict and post-conflict states

  • MA degree in International Development from Erasmus University in the Netherlands, where he honed his expertise in creating sustainable development solutions for marginalized communities

  • Extensive experience in supervising youth programs, with a special focus on youth innovation and technology

  • Strategic thinking, ability to build strong partnerships, and unwavering commitment to creating a better world for all

Assad Khalid 

 Strategic Planning

  • Strong advocate for the human element, recognizing the complex arenas of finance, event planning, project management, disaster relief, training implementation, webcasting, social media, youth advocacy, social entrepreneurship, gender sensitivity and decision-making

  • Engagement in diverse projects across geographically disparate areas, ranging from high-risk conflict zones to metropolitan business hubs, as well as impoverished and underdeveloped communities

  • Advanced skills in financial strategic planning

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Kashif Hussain

Real Estate Investment and Development

  • As the Director of Real Estate Development and Investment Consultancy Kashif brings a wealth of expertise to the intersection of social impact and property development.

  • With a strategic vision, he spearheads initiatives that not only align with our mission but also contribute to sustainable community growth.

  • Beyond traditional real estate, Kashif focuses on creating spaces that foster positive change. His work goes beyond bricks and mortar, contributing to our social commitment.

Our Youth Advocates

Kenza Yahouni

Dynamic Youth Outreach Coordinator

  • Crafting 21st-century experiences grounded in current and up-to-date professionalism, Kenza is dedicated to revolutionizing education and youth empowerment.

  • With a passion for driving positive change, she plays a pivotal role in connecting our vision with a global audience.

  • Advocating for social impact, Kenza infuses campaigns with the pulse of current affairs and the evolving needs of our community.

Chanice Vissers

Creative Youth Engagement Specialist

  • Fueling our initiatives with a burst of fresh creative insights, Chanice is the imaginative force behind our Marketing & Communication.

  • With an eye for innovation and a finger on the pulse of current trends, she brings]a dynamic touch to our campaigns.

  • As a digital native, Chanice navigates the digital landscape seamlessly, ensuring our message not only reaches but resonates with the tech-savvy and socially conscious youth.

Yusuuf Burney

Youth Engagement Coordinator

  • Thriving as our Youth Engagement Coordinator across Kazakhstan, Canada, and Pakistan, Yussuf passionately empowers youth through dynamic initiatives, connecting communities and fostering positive change.

  • Yusuf has a unique approach to diversifying  learning and fostering multiple learning styles that might be unconventional yet applicable towards youth.

  • Amplifying our youth empowerment mission with a keen understanding of local and cultural dynamics.

Our Country Representatives

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Waheeda de Swardt

TIG South-Africa

  • Responsible for TIG's business operations in South Africa, Waheeda brings with her over 20 years of experience in business development, investment management & acquisition.

  • She is particularly tasked with transcontinental real estate investments between South Africa and Europe .

  • Waheeda is further tasked with expanding TIG presence in Africa with transcontinental trade in food security.


Ainur Danyarova

TIG Kazakhstan

  • As the Director,  Ainur manages the Overall Management and Operations of TIG Academy in Almaty in Kazakhstan. 

  • Her key focus remains on Quality Assurance, Marketing, and Outreach with students, academia  and Education Institutions alike. 

  • Ainur brings with her years of international experience in the fields of alternative education and management.

Tarik Dandas

TIG Turkiye

  • Organizational hands-on centipede who knows his way around many countries in the field of laws, regulations and procedures. 

  • With his (insight) knowledge of the associated cultures and fluency in various languages, he is a Professional Bridge Builder who gets things done.

  • Health, fitness and Civic Engagement Coach for youth from disadvantaged environments

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Abdur Rahman Usmani

TIG Pakistan

  • Abdur Rahman leads the way in crafting innovative learning experiences through curriculum and pedagogy development of  TIG Academy in Islamabad.

  • An Educationist, Humanist, and Development expert Abdur Rahman brings to The Infinite Group over 25 years of proven experience and insight. 

  • Over the years, he continued to serve in  leadership positions for multiple local and international organizations in the fields of education, health, disaster relief, and development.

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Farooq Burney


  • 20 + years track record of dynamic and compassionate involvement in Higher Education, Social Services/Non-Government OrganizationSectors 

  • Excellent in working with international high-profile leaders/personalities on Education and Social Reforms

  • Comprehensive understanding and involvement in Start-up Operations forNon-Profit Organizations, Marketing, Business Development, Resource Mobilization, Empowerment & Development Programs,Leadership, and PR 

  • Great experience with Organizational Management, Internal and ExternalFinancial Accountability, M&E, HR and Sustainablility of Programs

Nathalie Hutten

Managing Director

  • Chair Person and Executive Director of  Consent, Acadamy for Sociocratic  Education Netherlands

  • Founder of Inaya, Netherlands, School for Primary Education and Child Center 

  • Action-oriented Executive Director, bringing 15+ years within Primary and Secondary Education and Pedagogical environments

  • Serving as a highly creative guide to operational and education roadmaps

  • Passionate and inventive, strong analytical thinking, diplomacy, and cultural sensitivity while jump starting focus and goals among students, applicants, and their influencers

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